Blender COA Tools vs Spine

Our search for an ultimate 2D animation software for indie game developers continues. This time we will compare Spine Pro to COA Tools for Blender. Exciting!🔥

Check it out:

Think Citric – COA Tools Blender vs Spine

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Unity 2D Animation vs Spine

You know them, you love them and now you get to compare between them too! Is the exceptional game development engine Unity up to the challenge against the might Spine 2D animation software? 😯

Let’s find out all pros and cons:

Think Citric – Spine vs Unity

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Spine VS Dragonbones Comparison Video

Want to find out which 2D animation software suits your needs better? Does the free software Dragonbones do a good enough job compared to thw pricy Spine? 🤔

Find out in the video below:

Think Citric – Spine vs Dragonbones

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Path Tutorial for Spine 2D Animations

We love sharing our insights and valuable tips on animation for your games. Especially when it makes your game development process easier and more efficient. 🤩

This time we would like to share with you how to make your Spine 2D animations follow a path. It’s super easy! Check it out:

Think Citric – Path Animation Tutorial

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Spine Pro Character Animation Course is Live!

In the spirit of making 2D animations that exceed expectations Think Citric proudly presents our Spine Pro 2D character animations course! ✌️

Take your animation skills to anew level. Nothing is out of your reach now. Not ever 3D feel in 2D animation! 😁

Think Citric – Spine Pro Course

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Boss Fight Fixed – General Melanzana Lives!

It finally has happened! The first boss fight of Fruits Against Vegetables is battle ready. 💪🍆

In this boss fight you will face a grumpy old general Melanzana, whose a huge eggplant. 😁

Think you’re tough? Try surviving the massacre this level is.

Think Citric – Boss Fight Fixed

Bare in mind, this is just a first (working) draft of the stage, which will be featured in the game demo. For the full game release we plan to spice up the fight even more. 😈

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2D Dust Animation – Tutorial

Playing around with the look and feel of Fruits Against Vegetables, we started to add some game SFX. One such addition is the dust animation.

So we though it would be a good idea to share this knowledge with you in a form of a short tutorial video. 😊

Do let us know what you think!

Think Citric – 2D Dust Animation Tutorial

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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Skins – How to Use them in Spine?

In this video we explore the Skins feature of Spine 2D, which will allow us switching easily between different “outfits” for our characters.

We went as far as creating different kinds of the same enemy for FaV game, using this feature. The result is beyond expectation. 🤩

Check out for yourself in this video:

Think Citric – Spine 2D Skins Tutorial

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Recording Transparent Background Gameplay GIF

In the spirit of working in Unity with the exceptional Unity Recorder, we want to introduce a super-easy way to capture gameplay footage with a transparent background.

Export game video or GIF. The steps are really simple.

The full guide down below. Enjoy!

Think Citric – Transparent Background GIF

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Spine 2D Idle Animation Workshop

We simply love animating characters in Spine. And since we’ve already picked up on some useful practics, we would gladly share them with the world.

In the tutorial video below you will find a step-by-step guide to the creation of a solid idle animation using the rig we’ve made in the previous Spine 2D tutorial video.

It also touches on the subject of using the Graph and the Offset features of Spine that will not only make your animations more awesome and realistic but will also give you a glimpse of what truly great things you can do with this animation software. 😄

Check it out:

Think Citric – Spine 2D Animation Tutorial

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