Unity 2D Animation vs Spine

You know them, you love them and now you get to compare between them too! Is the exceptional game development engine Unity up to the challenge against the might Spine 2D animation software? 😯

Let’s find out all pros and cons:

Think Citric – Spine vs Unity

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Spine VS Dragonbones Comparison Video

Want to find out which 2D animation software suits your needs better? Does the free software Dragonbones do a good enough job compared to thw pricy Spine? 🤔

Find out in the video below:

Think Citric – Spine vs Dragonbones

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Spine Pro Character Animation Course is Live!

In the spirit of making 2D animations that exceed expectations Think Citric proudly presents our Spine Pro 2D character animations course! ✌️

Take your animation skills to anew level. Nothing is out of your reach now. Not ever 3D feel in 2D animation! 😁

Think Citric – Spine Pro Course

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FaV – One Year of Game Development

Just a year ago we knew nothing about game development but started to work on our first game ever anyway. Because in order to succeed eventually one must take a first step.

Today, quite a few steps later, we’re glad to share with you the progress we’ve made so far on Fruits Against Vegetables game development.

This week’s video is a compilation of footage we’ve recorded throughout the year.

Hope you enjoy it!

Think Citric – One Year of Game Development

We would like to thank all of you, who supported us throughout this first year! You guys rock, and we’ll make our best effort not to let you down in the future years to come.

Thank you! ❤️

Unity Recorder – How to Use?

We all need to share stuff from our game from time to time. And what a better way to do so, then in a video format.

And while most free recording softwares come with limitations of built-in watermarks, limited recording time, etc.
And the paid ones, well, they cost money we sometimes do not have at our disposal. 😅

Here is where Unity comes with an ideal solution!
In a form of Unity Recorder.

Get to know, and find out how to use Unity Recorder in the tutorial video below:

Think Citric – Unity Recorder

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We know that Unity Recorder has come to our rescue not once.

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Indie Game Dev – A Day In Life

Join Marina for a day in life of a full time indie game developer in Think Citric’s latest Game Dev Experiment video, where we share our progress on our game development process and useful tips for beginner developers! 😃

Think Citric – A Day in Life

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Reaching the 9 Months Dev Mark With FaV!

The work on Fruits Against Vegetables is ever growing, but the demo is almost in grasp. It’s been intense 9 months of hard labor and learning on the go. Fortunately it will bear fruits. Soon!

Take a look at our progress and how the game used to look at the very beginning. We sure as hell are proud! 😁

Think Citric – 9 Months of Game Dev

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