Boss Fight Fixed – General Melanzana Lives!

It finally has happened! The first boss fight of Fruits Against Vegetables is battle ready. 💪🍆

In this boss fight you will face a grumpy old general Melanzana, whose a huge eggplant. 😁

Think you’re tough? Try surviving the massacre this level is.

Think Citric – Boss Fight Fixed

Bare in mind, this is just a first (working) draft of the stage, which will be featured in the game demo. For the full game release we plan to spice up the fight even more. 😈

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Skins – How to Use them in Spine?

In this video we explore the Skins feature of Spine 2D, which will allow us switching easily between different “outfits” for our characters.

We went as far as creating different kinds of the same enemy for FaV game, using this feature. The result is beyond expectation. 🤩

Check out for yourself in this video:

Think Citric – Spine 2D Skins Tutorial

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Cheers! 😉

Spine 2D Idle Animation Workshop

We simply love animating characters in Spine. And since we’ve already picked up on some useful practics, we would gladly share them with the world.

In the tutorial video below you will find a step-by-step guide to the creation of a solid idle animation using the rig we’ve made in the previous Spine 2D tutorial video.

It also touches on the subject of using the Graph and the Offset features of Spine that will not only make your animations more awesome and realistic but will also give you a glimpse of what truly great things you can do with this animation software. 😄

Check it out:

Think Citric – Spine 2D Animation Tutorial

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FaV – One Year of Game Development

Just a year ago we knew nothing about game development but started to work on our first game ever anyway. Because in order to succeed eventually one must take a first step.

Today, quite a few steps later, we’re glad to share with you the progress we’ve made so far on Fruits Against Vegetables game development.

This week’s video is a compilation of footage we’ve recorded throughout the year.

Hope you enjoy it!

Think Citric – One Year of Game Development

We would like to thank all of you, who supported us throughout this first year! You guys rock, and we’ll make our best effort not to let you down in the future years to come.

Thank you! ❤️

Setting Up Spine 2D Rig for Animation

Dear friends,

Once again we would like to share with you a useful tutorial on how to set up your Spine 2D rig for animations. In this video, we cover the work with meshes, bones, and weights. 😁

So, if you need to learn how to set up your rig, how to use meshes or how to bind bones to the meshes, this tutorial is for you! 😉👉

Think Citric – Spine 2D Rig Setup

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Reaching the 9 Months Dev Mark With FaV!

The work on Fruits Against Vegetables is ever growing, but the demo is almost in grasp. It’s been intense 9 months of hard labor and learning on the go. Fortunately it will bear fruits. Soon!

Take a look at our progress and how the game used to look at the very beginning. We sure as hell are proud! 😁

Think Citric – 9 Months of Game Dev

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