Our Animation Courses

Here at Think Citric we have a special soft spot for creating game animations. After a series of highly regarded gamedev and animation videos on our YouTube channel 💞 we’ve decided to take the next natural step, and share our knowledge with other independent game developers via Udemy.

Currently we offer the following courses:

Spine Pro Course Spine Essential Course 2D Explosions Course

Think Citric – Spine Pro Course

Using Spine for 2D Animations

Currently we offer two full length Animation for Games courses,
both of which are based on Spine 2D animation software; The software that we actually use ourselves for our upcoming game Fruits Against Vegetables.

Spine is a very powerful tool that is very easy to get started. You could really achieve great quality of 2D animations using it, and even create a 3D effect. 😎

Think Citric Spine Essential Course

Spine Essential vs Pro

It is important to note that Spine 2D is not a free tool.
A licence has to be acquired from Esoteric Software website. 👩‍🏫
There is also a price difference between the Essential and Pro versions.

If you are just starting out on your character animation journey, you might consider going with the Essential license, and taking this course.
It is the least pricy Spine option and it will grant you the knowledge and the ability to make very cool, smooth 2D animations.

Spine 2D Think Citric

Spine Pro vs Essintial

However, Spine Pro is where this 2D animation software reaches its full potential. To master the pro versions you would need to know a lot more advanced techniques, and invest more time and effort. But the result will totally worth it! At least it always does for us.


With Spine Pro we are talking 3D effect on 2D animations, even smoother and more realistic animations, and a truly top shelf Pro level of permanence. This course could help you find your way around.

Spine Pro Course Spine Essential Course

We intent to continue releasing new learning materials for independent game developers in the future. So, expect even more awesome stuff! 😄

2D Explosions in Photoshop

This course will teach you to create cool 2D explosion animations of several kinds which you could later incorporate in your game or video project!

And the fun part is that with the knowledge you gain in this course, you can expand and create your own awesome explosion animations. 🧡

Think Citric – 2D Explosions in Photoshop

2D Explosions Course

Hoping you’ll enjoy learning with us, and that our courses will help you advance your future games! 😊🍋