Fruits Against Vegetables

Mandarina - Think Citric

Think Citric proudly presents Fruits Against Vegetables (or FaV for short) – a mobile game that is inspired by the classic 2D platformers and passion for slicing up food.

Game Story

Once upon a time, in an ordinary fruit garden called the Fruit Kingdom lived a peaceful lot of fruits. They led simple, happy lives. But not all was butterflies and rainbows.

For some reason, their stronger neighbor – the Vegetable Kingdom was always at odds with them. Fruits were scorned and ridiculed constantly, occasionally even bullied. But always found a way to settle the matters peacefully.

Until one day it all changed. The vicious King Brokko of the Vegetable Kingdom had led his army into a brutal conquer of the Fruit Garden.

Homes were wrecked and dear ones were lost. The Vegetable king has left the land burning and in full military occupation. Devastated fruits have accepted their fate.

But one brave tangerine girl is not willing to give up that easy.
She will seek retribution. The vegetables WILL pay!


Mandarina - Happy

The tangerine tree was one of the oldest in the Fruit Garden.
So was the tangerine family.
Many ancient customs were traditionally passed from elders to the youth.

And so, despite being a peaceful fruit,
Mandarina – the girl who was to rise against the Vegetable king
was heading out on her vengeful journey prepared to kick ass.


Mandarina does not lack courage or skill with weapons.
She is destined to lead a band of rogues on a quest to settle the score between the two kingdoms.
Her only wish is to get King Brokko and make him feel the pain he caused others on his own skin.

Will she succeed?  
Play the game to find out!


What to Expect?

FaV Group

Coming from a  place of warm nostalgic love to the classical two-dimensional platformer games that inspired us since the early childhood, we are looking to create a game that would have:

Enjoyable Gameplay – satisfying attacks, easy to use navigation system, entertaining character interactions.

Dedicated Graphical Design – a world that is fun to play, unique setting for each level.

Captivating Story – that’s right, we are willing to take that challenge!

Character Customization – fun skins to choose from. (Will be available in the final version of the game only)

Plus, Fruits Against Vegetables is going to be a Free To Play Game. No pay-to-win or additional level purchase shenanigans.

Wish us luck, and if you like the game we are creating, make sure to let us know!


Fruits Against Vegetables is being developed in Unity and is planned to be released for mobile, so both Android and iOS users can enjoy it on their portable devices. 
(We are considering releasing the game for Windows phones, as well).

Release Date

We are currently working on the playable demo of the game.
No release date is settled at this point.

Our beta testers will be the first people to receive the demo release date!


Stay tuned for updates on our YouTube channel!

We would like to use this opportunity to thank Unity and Esoteric Software (Spine) for developing such wonderfully practical tools that are perfect for indie game developers such as ourselves. 😊