About the Team

Think Citric is an independent game development studio, focused on 2D animation and bringing joy to all who love games.
Along side our game development and occasional vlogging we offer guidance in 2D animation.

Chief of Everything

Creator and main driving force behind Think Citric independent game development.

Marina was the one to set this ship to sail
with her inspiring personality and flaming passion to create great games.

Responsible for most of the work done:
- Coding & implementation in Unity.
- Creating animations in Spine.
- Marketing & YouTube vlogging.
- Character design & game art.
- Planning & project management.
- Budgeting & outsourcing.
- Vision for the title & studio.


Fun facts:
> Plays video games since the early childhood.
> First thought of becoming a game dev - age 12.
> Started developing her first mobile game as a fulltime indie dev in 2018.
> Honorary graduate in the field of Informational Systems Engineering.
> Has no prior knowledge in game development, animation or marketing.
> Game Dev Experiment YouTube series is her first vlogging experience.

Loves Japanese culture, video games and top shelf British heavy metal music.
Enjoys cooking, long walks, the sea shore, watching movies and anime.

Creative Division

The idea amplifier, storytelling counterpart of Think Citric game development.

Dennis is the one to come up with some game stories and sounds. Joined the effort to realize a childhood dream of creating games.

Mainly responsible for:
- Storytelling & characters development.
- SFX & music creation.
- Marketing & website maintenance.
- Research & outreaching.
- Minor animations. 
- Occasional vlogging.
- Gameplay alpha testing.


Fun facts:
> Has been paying video games since the age of 5.
> Pondered with the idea of creating games, but never had a neck for coding.
> Complete newbie in game development & composing game music. 
> Has some background in writing, a degree in English Lit & some SEO skills. 
> Plays some guitar, and once knew how to operate a piano. 


Passionate about well scripted movies and exquisitely narrated games.
Likes all sorts of musical genres with a special soft spot for rock guitar tunes.

What We Do?

We are currently working on our first title Fruits Against Vegetables
a 2D platformer for mobile (created using Spine and Unity).

Fruits Against Vegetables Title

This is our studio’s first game dev project. And we are extremely proud of the work we are doing.

Because we love video games with all our hearts, and believe in bringing you the best possible experience playing our games. 🎮🥰

So let’s enjoy the ride together and make it legendary! 😁

Learn Spine 2D Animation for Games!

We want to share our knowledge with anyone who’s interested in game development and 2D animation.

And to do so we release Udemy courses on
Spine Essential and Pro 2D Animation for Games.

Think Citric – Spine Pro Course

Check them out, and enroll with a special discount: 😃
Spine Pro Course Spine Essential Course

Where to Find Us?

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for some fun Gamedev updates videos and some awesome tutorials.

Check out our Twitter and Instagram for updates and laughs. ☺️


FaV Tarantino Style 😄🗡️

Fruits against Vegetables Think Citric Pera

Love you all! ❤️

Team Think Citric 🍋